Who Needs Sex The Most In Relationship/Marriage?


A lot of researches have been done on this topic over the years, but they keep stereotyping the answer to men. Apart from the fact that I have counseled couples on this, I want to give a simple practical example. We all know that the difference between humans and other animals is the human ability to consciously control their actions, while other animals operate based on instincts. For specific example I will use a goat; when a female goat is at its highest point of fertility (Ovulation), you cannot rest around her because of her persistent cry. What exactly is beating the goat? Nothing else but sex, the cry is her only way to tell you she can no longer bear it. And until you get her a male, she would continue crying till the whole period is over. But does it mean the goat didn't need sex before this time? Of course, she does but has no options because you kept her all by herself.


On the other hand, the only reason a male goat would keep jumping up and down for a female is that, male gender is always in a Rapid Response Mode (RRM), ever ready. The reason behind this, is based on the fact that the level of Hemoglobin in a male's blood is way above that of the female. In alchemical terms, this major substance in Erythrocytes is nothing else but active Sulphur(Fire.)

This also, is the main contributing factor for the natural ability in females to suppress their sexual feelings. Nevertheless, it does not make sexual urge in females less than in males.


To answer the question more specifically, sexual urge in both sexes is equal (50/50.) In fact, most women are never satisfied sexually because men are always in RRM, they jump on it instantly. So, when a man is done, the woman is just getting started because the blood flow in females is not evenly circulated as in males. Hence, a woman's body needs to be caressed to stimulate her for good sexual response.

Excerpt: "The Little Book by Nnaji P.C."


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