Solution For Sexual Infidelity.


Both men and women should understand that in any relationship where there is constant sexual activity for up to three months, there will be need for a little break. There is an indelible need for space to allow your Mind and Body to rejuvenate. It's like catching fresh air after choking up. The time frame depends on individual preference because our system differs. But two or at most four weeks is enough for your total system to start longing for each other again. If thisdoesn't happen, just know it was all lust in the first place, there was no connection from the get go and such case is difficult to fix.


Also remember that it is easier for a woman to be choking in a relationship and keep suppressing it. But as for a man, once he has gotten to that breaking point, you must give him space if you want the relationship (Marriage) to work. If he is pressured into having sex without space, he can only do that by flirting outside and coming back like nothing happened. This is how infidelity comes in, therefore, to avoid this problem you must learn to openly discuss it like; hey baby, am at the limit please I need some space.

Though this kind of discussion may seem weird but that's the only way out. Otherwise when the man starts avoiding the woman, she starts suspecting him and the whole thing will grow into the man telling lies in defense like; so much traffic today, baby am tired. Tomorrow comes another lie, too much work load in the office or bad business deal, Etc.

While the lies go on, the woman's suspicion turns into nagging. Then the man has to kick it outside to be able to touch her, otherwise he can't. But the question is,why won't the man open up to her rather than fall victim of infidelity? The answer is simply because she wouldn't believe him due to same old story (Men are dogs.) 

Excerpt: "The Little Book by Nnaji P.C."


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