Why Men Find It Difficult To Stick To One Woman Sexually.


You probably know the old story; men are dogs and promiscuous in nature. But this is a baseless fallacy because men simply used their influence being the dominant factor in the society, and made it look that way. I would rather say that men conditioned women to seem sexually inactive with the notion that a woman who expresses her sexual desire is a slut.


If women have their way today, they would do what men did yesteryear (Marry more men at once.)

Take a look at what is happening around the world today, marriage is now like a joke. Decades ago, it looked like marriage was golden because women's right was a taboo. Today it's a different ball game because she has the right to get married now and call it a quit the next minute. So, it seems like hail is let lose because no woman is willing to tolerate what used to be the norm.


The problem is not about any specific gender but our ignorance on how the human system works naturally, not scientifically. This is a psychological issue, the human psyche keeps longing for more, for something new. So today you are here and tomorrow you want to be there, today you wear this designer and tomorrow you want something different. That's same way, when you are with someone new, it looks so rosy like the person is all you ever wanted. Then after a while the feeling gradually fades away, the next thing would be either of you trying to tolerate the other or both of you trying to find fault against each other.

But nothing really changed, it's just your psyche pushing you for more and it's natural. You can only conquer this natural pressure when you have good understanding of what's happening to you. I am not trying to argue that some people can't be silly, I just want to point at the key issue in which when understood, will help you handle the rest.

Excerpt: "The Little Book by Nnaji P.C."


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