Choosing The Right Spouse


Marriage should be based on clear negotiations between the two-people involved, and if both can agree on certain vital issues, they are good to go. But the problem I observed through experience is that people get sexually involved before core issues regarding to marriage are discussed.

What sex does is either it knocks you in or out after a few kicks. The tricky part is that when sex knocks you in for serious relationship, it's like bribery. Sex, manipulatively makes you turn blind eye to serious issues that should have been handled head-on, and thence marks the beginning of marital struggles. Because before you know it, you are already trapped. Therefore, it's important to do the first things first.

Overall, Love should be based on mutual respect for each other, which will ultimately create trust and the emotional bond that cannot be broken.


I have listed below, some important things you have to keep in mind, if you need a peaceful marital life:

*You don't need to court someone for months or years to understand the person or build a bond. If there is no genuine connection in the first place, there can never be thereafter, unless you choose to force it, which automatically makes it unnatural.

*You don't need to belong to same religion to have a happy marriage, because religion itself, is a fallacious deception.

*You don't need to belong to same race to have a beautiful marriage, because humanity is one.

*You don't need to be of same class (Educational, Financial, Societal, Etc.) for your marriage to work because at the end of the day, the intention of the Soul overrides all.

*You don't need to bear children to have a successful marriage, you can always adopt, it's all about good negotiation and understanding.


All you need to have a happy marriage is to be True to yourself first, before getting involved with a partner. We all may not want same thing, but we definitely need same thing to be happy in marriage, and that most important thing is, Sincerity.

If you want a happy home, why would you lie about your health status?

Why would you lie about your inability to bear children, if you have prior knowledge of that?

Why would you lie about your marital status or hide that you have a child/children already?

Why would you lie about your age or pretend you love who you don't love, irrespective of what your reasons maybe?

I could go on and on, but these are some of the things that made marriage miserable today.

Though it's almost impossible to know someone 100%, no matter how long you've been with that person, but you definitely can tell when the right person shows up, if you are Sincere to yourself.

Excerpt: "The Little Book by Nnaji P.C."

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